More information, please read "Foreign Buyer Incentive Program".


  • {{GetContent('I01002','每家來台觀展之外商公司限補助1名買主,且受邀公司當年度不能有接受外貿協會其他專案優惠補助。')}}
  • {{GetContent('I01003','使用本案補助之買主須為外國籍且持有外國籍護照(恕不接受居留證件),參展廠商不得使用。')}}
  • {{GetContent('I01004','若買主護照與名片上之姓名不同,請於入住飯店時主動告知飯店人員註明以完備請購報銷之程序。')}}


  • {{GetContent('I01006','每家補助新台幣1.5萬元(含稅)為上限。可用於機場接送、最多4個晚上之住宿補助(含飯店內網路連線使用費,但不含飯店餐飲、電話等其他費用)。')}}
  • {{GetContent('I01007','住宿日期需介於展前1晚至展覽結束當晚,至少2天在展期內,天數至多4晚。')}}
  • {{GetContent('I01008','買主住宿飯店僅限於合約飯店,展後由飯店向外貿協會請款。若欲取消飯店預約,請盡快通知飯店並郵件副本予Ms. Jessica Yao姚小姐(,應規定參觀者必須自行負責未即時通知取消而衍生之費用。')}}
  • {{GetContent('I01009','由SEMI或參展廠商進行洽邀,買主於8月21日前回填申請。 (補助限額: 計50位)')}}
  • {{GetContent('I01010','經SEMI及外貿協會審核資格 (資料不對外公開僅供外貿協會審查用)後,將以email通知結果。')}}
  • {{GetContent('I01011','審核通過之買主可逕行聯繫訂房事宜。')}}
  • {{GetContent('I01012','*若資格不符或超額費用以致無法報銷,費用將由洽邀的參展廠商自理。')}}


  • One company is limited to one incentive and the invited company has no other subsidy from TAITRA this year.
  • Int’l visitors must hold a non-Taiwanese passport, no residence permit in Taiwan. This offer limited to Int’l visitors only, no exhibitors.
  • If there is a discrepancy in int’l visitor’s name on the passport and business card, please inform the hotel while checking in, in order to arrange reimbursement documents properly. Incentives: Hotel Accomodation
  • A maximum subsidy of NTD 15,000 to be used only for lodging (up to 4 nights within show period and the night before the show starts) at selected room type, internet expense and airport pick-up service at contracted hotels.
  • Contracted hotels will help to arrange room reservation and payments for all qualified int’l visitors. Please email the hotel once you need to cancel the reservation and c.c. to Ms. Katie Liang (, since regulations stipulate that the int’l visitor should cover the fee for late cancellation.
  • Int’l visitors who were invited by SEMI or exhibitors should submit Online Application before Aug 20 (Incentive limited up to 50 applicants).
  • After SEMI and TAITRA review the applications, int’l visitors will receive result via email. Qualified int’l visitors can contact contracted hotels directly for accommodation reservation.
  • *If unqualified int’l visitors incurred any cost, will be charged by the exhibitor who invited the int’l visitor. In addition, int’l visitors are responsible for all overspending subsidy.
{{GetContent('I01013','基本資料 / Basic')}}

  • {{GetContent('I01033','一定要勾選才能儲存或送出')}}
  • {{GetContent('I01034','按下儲存,彈出已儲存之訊息,並提醒於截止日期前完成送出才代表申請完成。')}}
  • {{GetContent('I01035','按下送出,彈出確認送出之提醒訊息,並提醒於送出後即不可修改,若有問題請')}}